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How to Join Ironborn

How to Join Ironborn

How to Join Ironborn

Joining Ironborn Strength Gym is completely different than joining a typical commercial fitness center or health club. We don’t have ‘sales’ staff. We don’t pretend to do our perspective members a favor by waiving an imaginary ‘enrollment’ or ‘initiation fee’. We don’t lock our members into a contract and hope they never use the gym. Our mission was to create a facility that inspires a workout and support our members as they achieve their health and strength goals.

We have a simple, three step sign-up process:

1. Preview ~ Most of our new members hear about the gym and visit with a friend, coworker or family member. We do not have staff on-site 24/7. If you haven’t been to out gym before, or would prefer to a guided tour with a staff member, please use our scheduling link: Click here to book your preview

2. Join ~ Select your membership plan and join on-line: Click here to visit our membership site Within 24 hours of your completed payment, our staff will contact you and make arrangements to deliver your access card. You will also receive an confirmation e-mail containing our policies,  information on additional services offered at Ironborn Strength Gym and complimentary drop-in passes to each of our class types

3. Train like a God ~ Your membership will come with 24/7 keycard access to our gym. This is not limited on weekends or holidays. As we pride ourselves on featuring strength and conditioning equipment that is unique to the Yuba-Sutter area, our owner offers periodic ‘equipment orientation’ sessions. At these free sessions, you can meet other members, learn to properly use our equipment and how to incorporate it into your own routine

  1. What are you looking for in a gym: access 24/7, all of the correct lifting machines and then some you have never before seen, more free weights and dumbbells than you have ever seen in one gym, STRONGMAN LIFTING APPARATUS: tires, sleds, axle deadlifts with tires, resistance bands, chains, and apparatus too much to describe, three different Deadlift Platforms, four different squat stations, numerous bench lifting stations (both incline and decline), plenty of room to work out in and never waiting for a station, dumbbell, barbell, or a plate. Ironborn Workout Gym has all of this. It is totally convenient for any person who works out and it has any and all of the different apparatus and machines that you would ever want or need. To make it all flow smoothly, the Owner/Operator will help you with any and all of your needs. It is SIMPLE to join, all done in a matter of minutes over the internet. I belonged to other gyms in the Yuba City area. I have been with Ironborn for almost two months. I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER WITH MY WORKOUTS AND WHERE THEY TAKE PLACE.
    Satisfied and getting STRONGER, Neal

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