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Find & Preview Ironborn Strength

Find & Preview Ironborn Strength

Find & Preview Ironborn Strength

Video Transcript:

– This is Ronald A. Strahan with Ironborn Strength Gym. We provide 24/7 keycard access, so you can crush your health and strength goals! This is our new and improved gym sign to let you know where you can find Ironborn Strength Gym. We are inconspicuously located behind Big Dawgz Burgers in Yuba City along 2nd Street. It’s also referred to as Sutter Street, and what’s the to other street? 2nd Street, Sutter Street… Garden highway sometimes, I’ve heard it called. But today I’m gonna show you how to find and preview Ironborn Strength Gym. This is especially an important video if it’s your first time coming over for a drop-in work out.

– We’ve crossed our critical third year in business, and we’re now in the fourth year. We opened Ironborn Strength Gym, it was January 1st, 2015. We started doing four days a week, we were here for a couple hours a day. And then we got the 24/7 keypad. It was March of 2015. That’s when we really went live for our soft opening. We’ve yet to have our official grand opening, maybe at the five year mark. We don’t really do things like that here at Ironborn Strength Gym. ‘Cause too many gimmicky things takes away from the fact that we are here to provide 24/7 keycard access for you to crush your health and strength goals.

– There’s two ways to get in. The first way is hit up the gym with a friend that’s a member of Ironborn Strength. There’s some guest procedures on the board inside that tells you what to do if you’re a guest. If you don’t know anyone that trains here, or you’d like a tour, or you’d like to come over for a drop-in, you can give me a call 24/7/365 at our phone number 530-300-3040. If you don’t need a tour, and you’re comfortable working out in the gym by yourself, I can unlock that door from anywhere in the world and you can get in and get your gains.

– In addition to being one of the strongest junior lifters in our gym, both Strongwoman and Powerlifting, and a Chico State superstar, Allysa Ashburn happens to be the number one offender of, “Ron, I forgot my card to Ironborn Strength.” So it’s only fitting and appropriate that she’s gonna show you what you can do when you get to Ironborn for your first preview. Let’s head over to the door.

– So during our high traffic times, you can get in with just your PIN or your key fob. During low traffic times, you need both your key fob and your pin. It’s a security feature. For our dramatization Allysa has pretended, it’s not that far of a stretch to imagine that she’s got here without her access card.

– Yes.

– And then what happens?

– What? I’ll just call the number.

– This happens at least twice a month, I swear. Hello, this is Ron.

– Hi, I forgot my card, and I forgot that I need that to get into the gym.

– Oh, no problem Allysa. Are you by the keypad now?

– Yes I am.

– Alright, listen for the click, Watch for the green light. I’m gonna send a command through the phone and you’ll be able to get in.

– Okay, thank you.

– Magic!

– Green light, door’s open.

– This is Ronald A. Strahan. In this video we’ve gone over how you can get into Ironborn Strength Gym for your initial preview. We can also meet you here for a tour, if you require a tour of our unique-to-the-area, hardcore training facility. Where we provide 24/7 keycard access, so you can crush your health and strength goals. There will be more information in the notes to this video like our phone number, as well as information on upcoming events. And remember our hours are 24/7/365

– Do a little impromptu athlete interview here, she doesn’t know about this. We have Allysa Ashburn here at Ironborn Strength Gym.

– Hello!

– Now you joined up about three years ago?

– Yes.

– The way the system works, is it takes a while until we meet everybody that comes into the gym, because if you the gym, you join online and you get video information about how to pick up your access card. We’ve taken the whole staff, high pressure sales pitch, sit down, bring in the closer, and get a cookie thing out of the equation. Sign up online, get your access card, train like a god, and we require 30 days notice, and keycard return for cancellations.

– Hell yeah.

– So you joined up, and shortly after you joined, I saw a video that you posted on Instagram where you climbed the rope without your legs–

– Nope.

– And did six pull-ups at the top of the rope.

– Yes.

– So it just begs the question. You’re a track athlete at Chico State.

– Mhmm.

– What got you into transitioning into strength sports?

– When I was in high school I actually ran Track and Field as well, and my coach taught me how to Olympic Lift, and that kinda just pushed me in body building, power lifting. Then I met Ron and we started doing Strongman together and absolutely killed it over the summer.

– That’s right.

– At my first competition.

– Think you won four of five events?

– Yeah.

– Nice. Came home with that sword trophy?

– Yeah that was super cool, I still have it! It is a sword, it’s pretty cool.

– I think we stole the overall score card from that show, and we’ve got it somewhere–

– Yes!

– You can take it up to Chico State–

– It’s up in the back somewhere.

– Put it in your dorm room. So your best three powerlifing lifts, bench, squat, and dead.

– My bench is 165, my deadlift is 374, and my squat is at 310.

– Damn! That’s more than my squat currently. What’s your best overhead on the axle?

– I believe 175.

– I think you’re one of the few women in the gym that have flipped the middleweight men strongman tire.

– Yes, that was kickass!

– And the finger one. Flipped one of the fingers over out back. What do you like about Ironborn Strength Gym verse other fitness facilities that you’ve been to?

– Well like Ron was talking about earlier, the gym is 24/7. Like you, I have a super busy life as well, so sometimes gym hours just don’t cut it. But this one, you can come in anytime you want! You wanna come in at four in the morning? Go ahead. Basically the main thing that sets this gym apart than any other gym is that is has a wide variety of just insane equipment that I’ve never seen before, actually. Until I came to this gym, that no other gyms have. They have strongmen equipment, power lifting, and body building, and that’s why this gym is amazing! And this is why you should be coming here!

– Got a lot of Craigslist deals–

– Yes!

– To find most of the stuff we did in there.

– Hey it’s awesome though, I love it.

– Well thank you very much for you time today. I look forward to serving you from Ironborn for years to come. This is Ronald A. Strahan and Allysa Ashburn with Ironborn Strength Gym, where we provide 24/7 keycard access so you can crush your health and strength goals!

– Absolutely!

Previews can be scheduled using this link: Schedule now! We encourage you to schedule your preview on a day and time you typically work out and please plan on working out during your initial visit to Ironborn Strength Gym: Yuba City’s 24/7 Hardcore Training Facility.

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